Half of employees can’t recite their organisation’s vision or values.


This heading comes from a 26Feb 2018 London Loves Business post, which says, according to research (Rungway):

‘More than half of employees in the UK can’t recite their organisations vision and nearly half can’t recite the organisations values.’

I’m more horrified that half could!! I cannot imagine any of the people I worked with not falling about with laughter at the thought of being asked to ‘recite’ the company’s vision or values statement.  The same derision also reserved for those films of Asian workers chanting their company’s motto to exercise routines that they were required to get work early enough to complete before the official start of their day’s work.  I’m betting that most of us from the Boomer Generation, regard most company vision and values statements to be as reliable as your average political manifesto.

My question is: How many senior executives and trustees have been asked to recite the visions and values of their organisation?

I’ve always worked in and around science and have enjoyed all the different positions I held.

And because I was mostly treated with kindness and respect by the people I worked with, that’s how I treated our clients, even when some of them chose to be quite negative towards me. And never once was I asked to recite the company vision or values statements.

In the Boomer Generation and with the people I worked with, if you weren’t able to come up with an immediate cynical response to those ‘marketing-department’ jargon filled phrases about the company, you were probably seen as ‘special’.

A cynical response was seen as an ability to think independently, someone who had experience and understanding of how things really worked in the outside world. You were someone who worked to be able to afford the things you liked doing with the person/people you liked doing those things with.

In my opinion, the words in the company vision and values statements, should be written by the individual who started the company or who is seen as the head of the company. The people who should be asked to recite the words in the company vision and values statements are the company founders, the chief executives, all the company hierarchy, earning the big bucks, and the trustees of organisations.  These are the people who should, on a daily basis, be ensuring that their company/organisation is being run in tune with the sentiments expressed in said visions and values.  And this is done by directly relating your visions and values to the way all your employees are treated on a daily basis.

The article goes on to say, ‘older workers are the least likely to engage with vision and values.’  See, that’s probably directly related to past experience.  And that’s our problem with being older, we’ve already seen and listened to a lot of bullshit, so our threshold for reacting to bullshit is that much lower; which in certain circumstances can be seen as negativity.

That’s why we have to challenge the organisations that are exploiting our younger generations. But we have to start by updating our communication skills, so that when we argue against their policies, we are using terms that cannot be labelled old-fashioned or outdated.

And that’s why at vivusclub.com we’re prepared to pay our facilitators – who will usually be students in further education or research- £20/hour for them to keep us abreast of the ideas and values they are having to cope with.

If you are interested in being part of an organisation that, in supporting older people to be happy in their longevity, will demonstrate to younger generations -worldwide-  our willingness to treat them as valuable and essential for human development, have a look at our Join Us page.

And just so you know, I’ve written this:

VivusClub Values:

Honest – Respectful – Individual – Imaginative – Inclusive – Resourceful – Fun – Confidence.

VivusClub Vision:

Our ability to successfully combat ageism is directly related to younger generations being able to experience the benefits of our longevity for us and for them.

And you can contact me here: alex@vivusclub.comSave

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