The above post shows the style of a very good friend of, who is aiming to publish his first book ‘The Zygote Crystal -An Inspector and Cat Adventure’ in June.

If you like science and space travel stories with a comic edge and a cat thrown in, you will enjoy this book.

The main characters are: superior cats with human DNA, humans with cat DNA and somewhere between the two a female character with interestingly voluptuous but deadly hair.

This author takes his experience of scientific research, university life all the way to becoming a professor with a strong national and international reputation, to poke fun at all the institutional madcap ideas, decisions and demi-gods that we all are able to recognise but are all usually unable to address openly in our own organisations.

So not only is this book about science and space travel, but it has a strong sub-text that is forthright in its criticism of today’s leadership and management strategies.

The story is told by the Inspector, an individual convinced he is good at his job when in fact he’s basically an idiot.   Oter characters include a whole range of self-important and totally useless leadership characters and numerous dastardly villains, intent on killing everything in sight.

Other short stories featuring the same characters are already available on Amazon and include Planet Pzzsxamix, The Play Planet and The Dinosaur Revolution.

Now go here

for tasters of the type of events that will appear in the Zygote Crystal.

Other June events:

World Oceans Day 8th,

Banff World Television Festival – Canada 10 – 13th

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, 15th

International Day of Yoga, 21st


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