For some years I worked with a really good man called Mick N. In his youth Mick had a trial for Arsenal Football Club, but for a number reasons it didn’t work out for him, so he just got on with his life.  I met Mick when we were both working in The School of Electronic and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, at a London university and he was teaching analogue electronics (yes it was that long ago).

On Saturday 26 May 2018 I was one of the approx. 90 thousand people who turned up at Wembley to see the match between Fulham and Aston Villa.  I am absolutely a ‘fair-weather’ football fan and Saturday was the perfect day to watch our team just focus completely on what they needed to do to get the outcome we wanted. Then we had a player sent off twenty minutes form the end of the match. Disaster! Oh, wait! What’s happening? Fulham’s got a Plan B that’s stopping Villa from making use of their advantage.  Fulham wins and is now in the Premier League.

I didn’t see the picture above until the late-night highlights of the match on Channel 5.  The thing about parents and their children, is that between zero and about nine, if you’re lucky, is that virtually whatever you’re able to do physically seems awesome to them; mainly because they don’t know a whole lot and they’re too small, too short or too weak to do most of the things you can bluff an expertise in to their young minds.

Mick said he remembered the day he lost his ‘superman cape’ in his son’s eyes.  I think he said it was a local derby and they had been talking about it for weeks and eventually there they were, father and son/ Superman and his sidekick/Man and boy whose presence was vital for their team to be able to beat the other team.

Unfortunately, just after half-time it was clear that their team wasn’t going to win, and the absolute killer moment was when his small son looked at him with that -Why can’t you fix this Dad?-plea in his eyes.

Luckily, we are living in society where even princes can’t make their football

team win every match they play.

Historical Events

Swiss Women got the right to vote the same year the US drove a buggy on the moon (1971)

Orville Wright was still alive when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed (1945)

Prisoners arrived at Auschwitz just days after MacDonald’s was founded (1940)

Star Wars came out the same year as the last guillotine execution in France (1977)

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