So, it all started just over two and a half years ago.

My son calls me; he’s sitting on a ski lift in the French Alps, but is concerned about the pain in his testicle, which has worsened over a very short period of time.

Needless to say, initially, I cried uncontrollably at this news, and as he, in his calmness, reflected that he’d had an incredible thirty years of life.

After our conversation, he skied down to his local doctor in Méribel Center, where he collapsed because the pain had overwhelmed him. He was sent straight down to Moutiers hospital for an ultrasound that afternoon. Wonderful, an immediate response.

No more than two hours later my son was back in his doctor’s office with the ultrasound images. His doctor explained that he had called up, “One of the best in the world” in this field, and had arranged an appointment for the following morning.

Over the next few days, he’s sent off for tests with several different people.  On the seventh, he underwent successful surgery to remove none other than, Benji, his left testicle. Thank goodness for Frank!

I was with him in Méribel within a week of his initial phone call.

With very little discomfort after his surgery, we headed back to a lovely hotel I had checked into. My son insisted that we celebrate with a smart bottle of rosé and a charcuterie luncheon in the gardens of the hotel.

The follow up to this is that, once a week for a year, he had weekly blood tests. These showed his ‘markers’ dropping rapidly, everything was going back to normal!

When asked, my son talks openly that he has had cancer.  In fact, he explains it very jokingly… “It was a bit of a ball ache, but hey, I’ve still got “Frank the Tank!”

Before I finish, I feel the need to applaud the excellent health care service offered in France. For example, he would have a blood test one morning and have the results by latest, middle of the same afternoon! Here in the UK, it can take up to three weeks!!

His most recent check-up was last month, October 2017. I am delighted to say that all is normal!! Next check-up, February 2018.

We believe talking and sharing is the way forward!


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