Getting rid of the faults – Valencia style


Fallas in Valencian means faults in Spanish.

The popular version of the origins for this event is that it originated with the guild of carpenters, who burnt all the rubbish lying around in their workshops on the eve of Saint Joseph’s day.

Ninot in Valencian means doll, in Spanish

So, now the faults are satirical caricatures of politicians, industrialists, religious leaders, film characters and sports people. All are made of combustible material that generally occupies the base of the Fallas and Bonfires of San Juan monuments.

The wholesale incineration culminates in the burning of the main great fallas in the Plaza del Anytamiento at midnight on the 19th March.

Before 1963 only the ninots of the big faults had the opportunity to be saved from the fire.

The exhibition of Ninot Infantl 2018 Exhibition started on February 3rd in the Science Museum and will close on March 14th.


You can see the Ninot Valencia 2018 Exhibition from Monday to Thursday between 10am and 6pm. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the hours are extended and from 10am to 7pm.

Everyone who visits the Exhibition of the Child of the Fellas, or ‘ninot indultat infantil’ 2018 is able to vote, for the “ninot’ they want to be saved from the flames.

As you get to the end of the exhibition, and just before the exit, look for someone at a desk with a computer screen. On the screen you should touch in the number(s) of the ‘ninot’ you think should be saved from the end of festival flames. On the March 15, the votes are counted and the “ninot” that has obtained the most votes will be pardoned.

It will have the honour of being the only ninot indultat infantil’ of all Valencia that, officially, will not burn on the night of the 19th.

The Valencian Fallas began in 1934 and, now there are around some 700 pardoned ‘faults’ in Valencia.

This site has some really useful information about the events on the different days.


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