Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get from being a member of this club?

- The chance to stop being, or becoming, isolated and start ageing with an invigorated, fun attitude.

- The oppertunity to allow others to learn from your life and experiences to identify life-options they may not have considered.

- A place to meet individuals actively seeking to maintain the confidence not to be sidelined, ignored or victimized by social changes.

- The opportunity to prepare, with the support of others, for public or private events, everyday routines and enjoyable ageing.

- A chance to talk with others about the tiny, small and huge things that have changed your life, or you would like to change your life.

- All activities are designed to hold you safe through the fear of testing your abilities to become a more confident individual.

- Our aim is to provide you with a safe environment for you to have fun, and actively remain confident about your future by
working with others in considering alternative life-routines.

What happens in the different club rooms?
What sort of equipment do I need to have?
What if I’m not a techy person?

You don’t have to be.  All you need is the right equipment, be able to follow
straightforward instructions and let your group help you.

Why do I need to have an emergency contact person and number?

If you do not inform your group that you are going to miss a group meeting, and we are unable to contact you, 
we want to be able to contact someone who can check that you are OK.

How do I Pay?
Why do I have to be interviewed?

The interview session, is our and your opportunity to make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for.
It will last about 20 minutes, and will be recorded and held on our files.

What if I don’t like the group I’m in?

Great because this will be a fantastic opportunity to address all those difficult interpersonal problems in a controlled setting.

Is my personal information kept private?

We will not pass on your personal information- with the exception of the legal requirements set out in our
Privacy Policy- to anyone unless we have your permission.

In the live group-meetings, you will decide how much personal information you give to your group.

What sort of things will be in the Library?

Mainly an ad hoc selection of books, magazines and research articles, games and then anything else we can get in there or that you would like added, that we can agree to. 

Do I have to attend every group meeting?

Ideally, yes.  Active and sustained commitment is required.  We want you to make the most of your membership and the only way is by being fully involved. If you miss a meeting, we will attempt to make contact with you until either you contact us, or we know that all is well.

What will the facilitator do?

Your facilitator will:
- welcome you to each group-meeting,
- support the group in understanding set tasks,
- ensure everyone gets the opportunity to express themselves fully, within reason,
- offer suggestions on how to ‘safely’ disclose personal experiences,
- offer descriptions of current social norms, where possible,
- offer personal knowledge on current communication systems, where possible, and
- provide a short summary of each meeting with suggestions for content of following meetings. 

What does the moderator do?

From time to time your facilitator will tell you that a moderator will be listening in to the live session.
The moderator will be there to check that the facilitator is coping with the needs of the group.

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