What Next ?

We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to smartphone photography.

As a next level to your learning, Nargis Cross has designed an online workshop on smartphone photography.

Who would Benefit from this Workshop:

This workshop is for anyone wanting to move from ‘snapshots’ to taking stunning photographs with the help of a professional photographer within a group of like-minded people.

Having fully worked through “Newbies at smartphone photos”, you will have the perfect grounding to join the workshop.

Even Better Smartphone Photos

  • How to get the most out of your smartphone camera
  • Professional Tips and Hidden Features
  • Working with different Light forms
  • Breaking the rules of Composition and Camera Angle
  • Editing and Storing photographs
  • How large photographic files can be shared
  • Useful Apps
  • USB and other accessories
  • Printing and other forms of displaying your images


A VivusClub.com Guide For people of 40 and every decaded beyond

Ideas and examples for getting great pictures with your smart phone


Dana Gillespic and Dino Baptise 4th May check out: www.brookesbluesbar.co.uk

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