The health and beauty industry is constantly bombarding us with endless ‘new products’ to delay ageing or make us appear more youthful. After all, what could be worse than looking old? Well, one thing that’s definitely worse than looking old is feeling old.

Forget about smoothing your wrinkles and dyeing your hair and focus on how you feel. No amount of botox is going to give you the energy to jump out of bed and get your day started. Gone are the days when your age defined what you could and couldn’t do. The new generation knows that lifestyle habits are a critical factor in the ageing process.

Previous generations saw retirement as an opportunity to do less, to sit on the sofa and be old. But that was then. Today, retirement is seen as a time to take off and do all the exciting and wonderful things people couldn’t do when they had to work.

So you work hard, you grow a nice little pension pot, you plan your expeditions or other retirement activities and you look forward to the fun starting. But will you be able to fulfill those dreams by the time you reach retirement age? Not if you don’t have your health.

Bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles age us. When you read stories about men and women in their 90s hang-gliding, running marathons, climbing mountains and other physical feats what do you think? You may think they’re not normal, they’re exceptional. Or do you think ‘I want to be like that when I’m old’?  Nowadays, keeping your body in good enough shape for this type of activity is actually more realistic than you think.

Men and women alike simply need to prioritise their health by addressing their nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. A combination of good nutrition and plenty of exercise and sleep will protect you from diseases, strengthen your immune systems and make you feel great. Who cares if their hair is white and their faces have wrinkled when they’re trekking through the dolomites or sailing the atlantic?



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