I’ve always hated having my photograph taken.

But now that I have written a book, am in the process of getting vivusclub.com up and running and finally gotten into social media, I am told I need a whole set of photos of me.

I’m sure you can guess the first thing I did, yes, I took a ‘selfie’; my thinking being that if everyone else can do it, so can I.  Well several dozen depressingly awful pictures of me later, I looked for a professional photographer in my area.

Luckily I found Nargis Cross, who looks as though she’s still in her teens but is slightly older and a consummate professional who very quickly got me focused and ready for a photo shoot at one of my favourite places, Exhibition Road at South Kensington.

My photo shoot day started with an hour’s worth of hair and make up work with Sasha. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met, given that I’m someone who, over the last fifty years has steadfastly refused to have anything other than moisturiser or insect repellent on my face and the occasional bit of red lipstick on my lips.

I now have 100 amazing pictures of me, three of which I have included here:



This one is to prove to my dentist Ayzaaz Akram of Pure Smiles that there are times when I smile.



This is me in Jeff de Bruges. Did you know they have 40 different chocolates?

Don’t worry there will be lots more blogs about chocolate.



And here I am with my favourite wallpaper, which is a reworking of the Leopardo print designed by Matthew Williamson in 2004.

I’m wearing a dress from one of my favourite designers – Vivien Westwood, as much for her outspoken concern for global warming as her great fashion designs.  But she may not be quite so pleased to see one of her creations on me.

I’m so impressed with Nargis and her work that I have managed to get her to agree to put together with her husband, graphic designer, Julian Cross, a:

  1. Simple e-guide on taking good photographs with your phone.
  2. An online practical course on how to take great photographs.
  3. Makeup rules for men and women to produce a great looking image.

The e-guide we hope to have shortly, but for items 2 and 3 we would love to have
suggestions from you about things you would like to see included.

Are there things about taking pictures that you’ve never managed to completely get to grips with? Do you know someone who may have given up trying to take photographs because their fingers no longer work as they used to, or are they or you intimidated by the changing technology of photography?

These courses will be via video conferencing in vivusclub.com, each member will be able to see, hear and talk to the course tutor and other members of the group.

There will be a max of 10 members per group and the sessions will last 1 hour, but we have not decided whether the course should be spread over one or two months.  That’s why it would be good to get some ideas and comments from you dear reader.

Best wishes,

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