About Us

What does VivusClub do?

We help individuals assess their options for their present and their future.

No matter how good we are at what we do now, sooner or later, our most effective role in our company or society, will no longer be needed in quite the same way by those around us.  Being older is not the problem, it’s the bonus.  Not considering your options properly is the problem, but we can help you solve that.

As you grow older, you don’t become someone else, you’re still you but the things you’ve always enjoyed doing, you may have to do differently, rather than giving them up altogether. 

We help you find the appropriate accessibility technology that exists or what can be developed. But if you do want to do something completely new, we’ll help you with that too.

What are VivusClub values?

Honest – Respectful – Individual – Imaginative – Inclusive – Resourceful – Fun – Mindful.

 We can help you to be comfortable, talking and working with people of different decades and experience. We know that one of the major drawbacks to becoming an expert at anything, is that you limit your working and social contacts to focus on particular things. 

For an enjoyable older life, you have to undo that, and that’s what our online club structure makes really easy for you to do.

What makes VivusClub different?

We’re unique, we’re a club that comes to you. And we meet three times every week.

The younger group facilitators will be individuals in higher/further education or research, who can tell us what they are being taught now.  We can then compare that with what we were taught and have experienced, as a way of understanding the present changes and those that are likely to occur in the future.

Members get to share challenges through projects purchased or devised by the club in order to enhance your ability to communicate successfully with yourself and others, whatever the situation.

If a member misses a meeting without giving prior notice, the club will attempt to contact them, and then the emergency contact on file, if necessary.  The club will continue in its attempts to contact the club member until we are certain of the member’s condition.

It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you can get online you can meet up with your group members for face-to-face chats and project meetings.

What problems does VivusClub solve?

As you get older you don’t have to become isolated and disadvantaged by changes in your society, because we’ll be keeping you updated and connected through our online club meetings, three days a week, every week of the year.

We’re a safe online place for you to meet other -age improved with knowledge to use- individuals, in order to:

  • talk with each other, face-to-face
  • match your experience to cultural change
  • develop self-validation and personal safety routines
  • update your spoken and visual communication skills
  • learn and rehearse the techniques to support your chosen options

Our ability to successfully combat ageism is directly related to younger generations being able to witness the benefits of our longevity for us and for them.

Why should someone choose VivusClub?

We are a private club, we’re not a charity or a government agency. 

We work with what you bring, we don’t stereotype.  We know that being older doesn’t stop you being an individual.

In VivusClub.com, we are mature people looking out for each other so that each of us can develop life-strategies that mean we stay in control of who we are and what we want to achieve.

In VivusClub.com we’re reviving the art of conversation as a means of supporting anyone who wants to share their plans and aspirations within our club.

What will I do there?

There will be 4 major projects each year.  Your facilitator will introduce each project, guide each group session and will give feedback via email after each group meeting.

You will:

  • work individually and in groups on these projects
  • learn how to gather and store information as text, sound and image formats
  • give short talks to your group using the material stored
  • be able to rehearse upcoming presentations/talks/interviews with your group
  • learn how to give and receive personal information safely
  • learn basic first aid techniques and domestic health and safety routines
  • influence the technology and systems designed for us as we grow older.


Know someone who may enjoy VivusClub.com membership? Then drop them a recommendation using the button below and we will email it to them. There is no upper age limit for joining VivusClub.com. Everyone is welcome.